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Deerland Park

This deer sanctuary is situated in Bukit Rengit, Lanchang, about 140km from Kuantan. Traverse the park's 'Nature Garden' on an elevated boardwalk and marvel at its varieties of herbs and plants. The highlight of a visit here will be the interesting and fascinating deer-feeding session.

The park's 'Animal World' offers attractions such as ostriches, peacocks, deer and a sunbear. Visitors can also go camping or join a guided tour to learn basic jungle survival skills.

Gunung Senyum Recreational Forest

This recreational forest is a paradise for nature lovers. The Gunung Senyum and Jebak Puyuh Caves, the main attractions here, offer avid explorers hours of thrills. The former consists of approximately 18 caves, a favorite among explorers and researchers for their impressive formations and million year old fossils.

An ancient tomb within the caves is of archaeological interest. The Jebak Puyuh Cave system, located further away, contains seven caves. Lucky visitors may even chance upon albino pythons that inhabit the cool, dark crevices of the cavern. A host of outdoor activities can be arranged for groups.

Next Minggu Mesra taman for our course Department Park and Amenity Management, best first time tdo dalam kemah yg basah,sbb tiba di tapak khemah pada pulu 7.30pm dlam keadaan hujan yg lebat. Angkat camping bag smabil tracking yg mengambil masa dalm 20-30 minit sbb track licin..huhuhu..penuh kesabaran.Aku adalah antara org yg awal sampai di tapak perkemahan,tp group aku lah yg terakhir selesai pasang khemah hahahaha,,adoi...salah pasang kemah kemah dah basah,baju pun dah basah,beg smua, mlm tue aku nagn member aku tdo dlm keadaan basah,member aku sorg tue siap tdo duduk..huhuhu..sabar.. anak sapa lah nie..thanks 4 my lecturer bg aku peluang merasa smua nie,walaupun berada dalm keadaan tak selesa langsung tp tue smua pengalaman yg tak dapat dilupakan.
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